mercredi 25 novembre 2009

My first time...

Hi :)

I'm kinda nervous... because it's my first time here... so please be understanding.

First of all- sorry for my english... I hope you'll understand me ;)

Second THANK YOU soooo much for inviting me!!! It's a huuuge pleasure :*

Maybe few words about me?
My nick name is Jaszmurka. I'm from Poland. I love scrapbooking and few other things ;)
Here is my blog - I hope that you like it.
I'm also in design team at I lowe SCRAP.

I don't like to talk about myself... so thats it ;)

When I received this papers... stamps... omg I was shocked. They are so beautifull and inspiring. :)

I make mini album "I still believe in fairy tales". When I saw these stamps and these papers I know what to do ;)

Papers "Fait main Alice" n1, n3, n8

I hope you like it...


back cover

and you see how tiny he is...

Kisses from Poland :*:*

And I hope that you like it...


12 commentaires:

isa a dit…

Very very beautiful !!!
isa =^_^=

sab - studio2mers créations a dit…

Love this! your mini is so sweet!
thanks! hugs Sabine

Nulka a dit…

love it!
great work :)
i kochana jeszcze raz gratuluję! puchnę z dumy :)

Drycha a dit…

good work :D
hahah gratulacje :* raz jeszcze, a co!

mrouh a dit…

Felicitations, Jaszmurko:-) T'es vraiemant douee et je ne suis pas du tout surprise par cette nouvelle mais je suis tres fiere de toi. J'adore ton petit album, comme toujours. Bises:)

Aliszek a dit…

o wow! Gratuluję Jaszmurko! :)

Karola a dit…

Gratulacje! Te stemple i papiery to cała Ty! Super!

Emy a dit…

nom d'un ptit bonhomme !! du polonais sur une belle amrque française ! tu me parle directement au ceur, même si j'ai perdu une grande partie de mes mots en polonias....
jestem bardzo zadowolona dla cibie ! gratulacje !!!!! twoje scrap jest ladny, bardzo ladny ^^... (prepracham, byl duzo lata temu ja nie mowie po polsku.:/)

Marysia a dit…

No Jaszka, ale dalas po garach! Gratulacje!

Great work! I love everything in this album!

Jaszmurka a dit…


thank you sooo much for all coments :*:*

Dzięki kochane za odzew :*

TonyaA a dit…

Blessings, peace, and love to you,

TonyaA a dit…

Blessings, peace, and love to you,